Hudson, Ohio


The elimination of the Sanitary Sewer Overflow cannot be understated in its importance for improving the water quality and overall environmental improvement of the City of Hudson. All while accommodating the community and understanding the historical value of the area as many homes and buildings in Area K were built prior to 1900 BCE, and before the sanitary collection system was first constructed.

Hudson Service Area K Public Outreach and Communications

This project will be a logistical, communication and public relations driven project. Coordinating access to approximately 140 retail buildings, churches, school buildings and residential structures will be the key to the success of the project. Once the on-site testing has been completed and the deficiencies have been identified, the recommendations will be fact-based solutions for the disconnection, redirection, repair or replacement of a given infrastructure.

Our in-house Communications Team will develop and execute the strategy for reaching out and educating business owners, homeowners, building owners, community members and stakeholders. We will explore the use social media, websites, and other creative methods to reach this target audience effectively and efficiently. A comprehensive communication plan will be developed in collaboration with DSSS and the City of Hudson for joint concurrence. Environmental Design Group – the community impact people.