Fairlawn, Ohio


Environmental Design Group acted as an extension to the City of Fairlawn to provide road sustainability, safety of the traveling public, and long-term ROI on infrastructure improvements for years to come.

Fairlawn Street Repair Program

We provided full-time construction inspection and construction project management. Tasks included construction documentation, quantity tracking, material tracking and approvals, pay application preparation approval, schedule review and approval, risk mitigation and City liaison to the public during construction activities.

Annually, Environmental Design Group has been commissioned by the City of Fairlawn to provide construction management and inspection of their street repair program. To date, this resulted in combined construction contracts worth $26.8 million. Improvements consisted of both asphalt and concrete pavement replacement, including installation of more than 16,900 feet of waterlines, 28,200 feet of storm sewers, 14,500 feet of sanitary sewers and their appurtenances.

Specialty projects included stormwater detention, rain garden installations, park bridges, review of site plans and construction inspection of the same. The scope of services provided included construction monitoring for compliance with construction plans, specifications, and documents for several commercial development improvements in the City.