Environmental Design Group provides services in water resource management, water systems, and drinking water quality ranging from detailed scientific assessments to large-scale watershed management solutions.

Our team offers the technical know-how, regulatory experience, and a commitment to public service to protect our most precious natural resource.


Our team specializes in three different kinds of water services:


Wastewater Management Solutions
Whether municipal or industrial, Environmental Design Group understands the challenges and recognizes opportunities of creating sustainable solutions for wastewater treatment. 


Our expertise includes: 

  • Design of Collection Systems
  • Design of Pump Stations, including Vacuum System Design
  • Hydrogeologic Investigations
  • Operational Analysis
  • Property Condition Assessments
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades
  • Wetland Assessments and Delineations

Domestic Water Management Solutions
Our class 4 plant operation engineer manages the water treatment facility for the City of Akron, and our engineers design durable infrastructure to distribute that water. 

Our expertise includes:  

  • Design, Construction Management
  • Distribution and Pump Stations
  • Facility Upgrades and Process Optimization
  • Transmission Lines
  • Water Quality Studies
  • Water Storage Facilities

Stormwater Solutions: 
Environmental Design Group is available to provide turn-key solutions to a myriad of stormwater challenges.  


Solutions and services range from varied alternatives for Best Managment Practices helping agencies and owners comply with permit requirements. 


We have water quality experts, CPESC-certified professionals and CESWI-certified professionals.


Our expertise includes: 

  • Detention/Retention Design
  • Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Environmental Risk Assessments
  • Habitat Enhancement and Hydrologic Monitoring
  • Regulatory Negotiations, EIR Review, Permitting
  • Stormwater Infrastructure Design (Pipes)
  • Stormwater and Watershed Management Plans
  • Stormwater Studies
  • Stream and Floodplain Assessments
  • TMDL Assessments and Recommendations
  • Wetlands and Riparian Design and Restoration