Environmental Design Group's collaborative approach to planning, design and transportation engineering challenges the status quo to deliver a lasting community impact to improve communities. 


Our transportation team is multi-faceted, and our extensive background in transportation engineering coupled with our vast experience in collaborating with stakeholders can make your highway, street, bridge, or parking project a success. 


Our team is also able to identify relevant funding opportunities, and aid in pursuring prospects. 


Our team specializes in two categories:  


Our transportation team provides innovative solutions that are practical, focused, and implmentable.  Our work is data-driven and informed by meaningful public and stakeholder engagement.


Our expertise includes: 

  • Traffic Studies
  • Pavement Condition Rating
  • Improvement Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Safety Studies



Whether partnering with government agencies or working with developers, contractors or private enterprise, our team of engineers produce innovative designs to provide the best quality and optimize a transportation system's capacity for long-term preservation. 


As our population continues to grow, the demands for safe, low maintenance, and cost-effective transportation remains a priority. Our approach is to develop and create comprehensive mobility programs that improve performance and meets the project goals. 


Our expertise includes:  

  • Integrated Multi-Modal Transportation Systems
  • Traffic Signal Systems
  • Roadway Widening
  • Safety Improvements
  • Capacity Improvements
  • Access Management