Stewards of the community are mindful of citizens’ good on every level, and take steps to achieve that good. We advocate for beneficial change in community, through our design and our high expectations. Since our employees not only work, but live locally, our regional presence is an advantage because we are personally invested in the community’s flourishing. Consistent integrity is how we gain our clients’ trust. We sponsor charitable drives and volunteer together because another way we build community is through our involvement.


Sustainable practices guide our solutions. We firmly believe that that the only way to design successfully is to keep in mind the well-being of future generations. And that happens through projects that look to sustain our environment, our man-made resources and our infrastructures.


 If you want to contribute to community in tangible ways, we want to hear from you. 

Co-op Opportunities


We offer students invaluable experience in their field, with opportunity to work directly with our professionals on projects. You can expect flexibility with your working hours because your academic career comes first, and we do our best to accommodate your schedule.


We recently welcomed students from the University of Akron into our Cooperative Education program, but are open to students from all universities. If you’re interested, contact us.